Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Officially a "Coupon Queen"

I was inspired by my friends, Scot and Daphne, who inspired me to do things the Dave Ramsey way a few years ago. I realized when I am working, I don't have as much time to look for deals. Right now I am barely considered employed. My job has a busy season and a SLOW season. I basically work full-time during our busy season and lately it has felt like I'm on an extended vacation. Vacations are nice, but they always cost money. So, with time on my side and no income from my job, I decided to start couponing. Yes, couponing is a verb.

I initially cut my grocery bill down over $100/month. I thought I was doing a pretty good job before I cut it down, but I knew I could do better. I decided to sign up for e-coupons. You can print coupons from various websites as well as download them to your favorite store's card (save the trees!). Next, I signed up for a weekend newspaper. I did this via a website that offered discounted (up to 60% off) newspaper subscriptions. I then started following blogs that would list sales plus coupon savings. Wow! I never thought of that before. I was only shopping sales and I would use coupons whenever I would run into one.

Here is an example of what I did today. There was a 50% sale on selected Kellogg's products. I hate to admit it, but my family LOVES cereal. I clip all cereal coupons that come my way. I know, it's an overpriced way to eat breakfast... but hear me out...

If you donate $5 or more to Kellogg's Feeding America, you will receive $5 in Kellogg's coupons. With Kellogg's Fuel for School promotion, if you send 10 proofs of purchase (from select Kellogg's products) and an original receipt, you will receive a $10 rebate plus a $70 coupon code from Dell.

Kroger was having a one-day only 50% off select Kellogg's products sale today. I bought 28 products and some milk (of course!) and spent $27 (after rebate). Had I not dropped one of my Pop Tart's coupons, it would have been $26. If my e-Coupon hadn't glitched, it would have been $25. I did email that company hoping I will get that $1. My orginal cost without a sale or coupons would have been $100.92. I basically saved 75%.

I also got gas at Kroger. I got 10 cents/gallon off using my store card.

Below is a picture of all my finds minus milk and some cookies which I left at my mom's house.