Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Glenn Girls

Like most young adults, I went through a time in my life where I completely focused on myself and no one else. For example, I would regularly go out dancing until the wee hours of the morning. I would travel all over the country (and occasionally out of the country) whenever I felt like it. I even worked three different jobs all at the same time while averaging 5 hours or less of sleep per night. I wasn't the most active church-goer, either. I didn't seem to have a lot of direction in my life at the time. My dad wasn't in great health (he had heart disease) and my whole family seemed to be struggling. I moved to Birmingham, AL and tried to make a fresh start there.

Somehow, a young lady named Becky Glenn became my visiting teacher. In my church, this meant it was her job, or duty even, to visit me once a month to share a spiritual message and to make sure that I had a friend to lean on. I ignored her at first... her calls, her attempts to visit me... but I eventually let her into my home and gradually into my life.

She was outspoken, matter-of-fact, and completely by the book...and I mean THE book. Becky was exactly what I needed in my life. She helped me to get my life in order. She had a strong testimony of her beliefs and I truly looked up to her. After a while, she decided to go on a mission for our church. I was devastated at the thought of her leaving for 18 months but I knew it was the right thing for her to do. After all, she was a missionary to me.

While Becky was gone, I became close to her sister, Kathy. Kathy was much like Becky in her views and beliefs. Kathy was also very strong willed but a lot less outspoken. She was exactly the kind of friend I needed in my life at the time. Actually, this entire family was pretty amazing. There were nine, yes NINE, girls in this family. There were no males except for their father. I hear they all shared one bathroom, too, if you can imagine that!!

I became very close to Becky, Kathy, and their younger sisters Amy, Jill, and Jodi. I think I became a foster adult child of the Glenns. I never met all the girls in the family because some had married and moved away...

Fast forward a few years.... I moved to a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. I felt like my church would be a hard adjustment for me. Moving and meeting new people tended to be a hard thing for me to do. I also came into our new ward very pregnant (8 months) and completely lost in so many ways. My first Sunday there I walked out into the hallway after our first meeting. I was going to take Maya to the nursery but I wasn't sure where it was. I must have had a confused look on my face. A kind stranger and a familiar voice said, "Do you need help finding something?" She proceeded to tell me where I needed to go. I didn't really pay attention to what she was saying. I just felt like I knew her. I interrupted her and said, "What is your maiden name?" She said, "Glenn". Sherry has since proved to be just as wonderful and amazing as the rest of the Glenn girls. The Lord must have known exactly what I needed in this new stage in my life....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How I Love Thee...

Since being in a somewhat vegetative state lately due to various viruses floating around the Kingsley home, I have found myself more heavily relying on my dear husband, Jeff. I read a beautiful Valentine's Day post by my friend, Michelle, and it was a true inspiration.

Jeff and I met about six years ago by unconventional means. I met him at a time when I was trying to work on who I was - spiritually and emotionally. It seemed the minute I quit looking to find someone and tried harder to make myself more like the person I wanted to eventually be with, Jeff miraculously appeared in my life.

Let me tell you about my wonderful husband.

1. He is a doting father and inspirational example for our daughters.
2. He appreciates my Japanese culture and my Southern roots because he grew up in Alabama and lived in Japan. He even loves to eat sushi.
3. He takes care of me. I always tried to take care of everyone else and he's the only person I will let take care of me.
4. He has a beautiful smile and makes me laugh so hard I could pee my pants...did I say could?
5. He is devoted to the Lord, our church, and his family.
6. He is a hard worker at his profession as well as at home.
7. He is almost my complete opposite, which is exactly what I need.
8. He never minds changing diapers, feeding kids, or watching the girls so I can have a break.
9. He has is brilliant.
10. He is mine.

I love you, Jeff.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What the Flu?

We recently got back from a wonderful visit to see the Schells in Rolla, Missouri. When we returned home, I felt a little nauseated. I decided I would go on to bed because I had to be up early to work the next morning. I felt cold and just couldn't seem to get warm. I woke up and was wide awake at 1:00 am the next morning. I piddled around for a while and began feeling progressively worse. I shivered, had major stomach crampage, and writhed around the bed trying desparately to get warm. My head hurt, my eyes hurt, my skin hurt... does any of this sound familiar to you? Well, to make a long and dreadful story short, I had a flu-like virus for about 48 hours. I had to miss work and send the girls to Tara's house so a responsible human being could watch them. Jeff felt fine and headed off to work. I slept and laid in bed all day. I don't think I ate much but I did have the energy to shower and go back to bed.

Jeff and the girls came home that afternoon. I gave them a nutritious dinner of "find whatever you can, I'm going back to bed". Poor children. Poor Jeff. I didn't give the girls baths. I warned Tara that they might be stinky. Then, Jeff started his shivering and downhill spiral.

The next day, both of us didn't even have the energy to take the girls somewhere they could be watched properly. I slept all day off and on. Reili slept beside me as long as I slept. Jeff kept Maya entertained with PBS kids until the cooking shows came on in the afternoon. I finally got up to see how everyone was doing. No Maya or Jeff. Where could they be?

Apparently Maya got into trouble and Jeff put her in "time out" in her bedroom. Since he didn't have the energy to monitor this ingenious method of discipline, he had to go to her room with her. He decided to wrap himself in a huge blanket, lay on Maya's bedroom floor, and close them both in the room. That would show her.

I found him wadded up in a lethargic pile against the door while Maya was playing quietly with her toys. Man, we should be voted as parents of the year. Would you vote for us?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

May I have some dog food with an order of fries, please?

My mom is visiting me from Alabama this week. I also have the entire week off from work. This has given me the opportunity to do things that have been lagging since Reili's since my pregnancy with Reili.

I decided it was about time to wash all the Ohio snow/salt/dirt mess off my car. I took it to a car wash. While I was there I also cleaned out the inside of my car. I found a plethora of goodies under the seat, in Maya's car seat, and in the trunk. Here are a few of the gems:

Dog Food. We gave our dogs away in July.
Sand. We went to Laura's beach wedding in June.
A Banana Peel. I think I had one last week.
A Hairbow. I've been looking for that sucker since August.
A strangely preserved french fry. No comment.
Various sticky, gooey things along with crumbs of all sorts.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Goodbye for now

The President of our church, Gordon B. Hinckley, has passed away. He was 97 years old. His funeral services were broadcast today on BYU TV. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints three months before he became President, 13 years ago. He meant a lot to me, as he did to millions of people all over the world.

Pres. Hinckley, you will be missed here on this earth. We'll see you on the other side.

The Comedian Turns Three

Last year, when Maya turned two, we had a huge shin dig for her at Chuck E Cheese's. This year, since life is ten times as hectic, we will have 3/4 less people, but just as much fun. Did you catch that, math whizzes?

My mom flew up from Alabama just for Maya's birthday. (Can you tell she's the only grandchild?)

Please join me in wishing my little girl a Happy 3rd Birthday!!!