Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness

The month of March is almost over and I have barely had time to enjoy a thing about it. Things are starting to settle down a bit, so before this wonderful month ends, I would like to focus on myself a little more. You may be thinking, "Hey, Melody, please talk about yourself. You just don't do that enough and I must hear more!" (Yes, blogs are a bit egocentric, aren't they?)

First, I must explain this lovely photo. Jeff works for the Air Force and this "Moustache March" Jeff is pretty proud of this crazy fu man chu meets biker guy look he has going on. He is outdoing all the young guys around work because their mustaches aren't half as thick as this sucker. It's pretty impressive isn't it?

We had a lovely blizzard here in Ohio...on my birthday. I wanted to celebrate my birthday on the actual day, so we called up a local restaurant and they were open. We bundled up and headed out against the elements and enjoyed a fine meal at Bob Evans. We had a blast. Jeff was sweet and got the lovely practical gift that I had requested because comfort comes before anything else after you turn 30.

Reili started "crawling" (a.k.a. getting where she needs to go in whatever mode suits her). -See previous post. It seems this little girl is so full of energy! She gets super restless whenever we try strapping her down in one of the various seats we have for her. It is amazing how many baby items you can buy and how quickly they clutter one's living room.

I was able to make an overnight trip to Mobile, Alabama for work. I spent my last two years of high school in Mobile at a magnet school (we liked to refer to it as nerd school). It was fun being back there and I also got to sneak in some time with my friend, Laura.
She drove over from Pensacola, FL. We had such a fun time! I flew in to Mobile airport in the morning, worked from 2-6pm and then met up with Laura for dinner and a fun spend the night party. Yes, kids, spend the night parties never end. Isn't that cool? We had so much fun. It was good seeing her again.

And finally... my brother is going to move up to Ohio! We are so excited for this to happen. There wasn't much keeping him in Alabama (we never planned to live there very long when we got there 25 years ago). We are making a short jaunt down there at the end of the month to help move him up here. Maya LOVES her Uncle Shi. His name is not Shi, but that's what we nicknamed him. His middle name is Shigeru (pronounced 'shee-geh-rlu') and we shortened it and changed the pronunciation and some how came up with "Shi" (prounounced 'shy').

Whew! A crazy post for a crazy month.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

Here is a fun story. I can't even begin to tell you how busy I was this week. My company did some work with health screenings at some factories in the Columbus area. Like most factories, there are three shifts. To catch all three shifts, we had to work from 4:30am-4:30pm. I traveled all over the state and barely had time to catch my breath.

One day I had to travel to the Cincinnati area. Since the work would begin so early in the morning and I worked late the day before, I thought it would be best to spend the night. I forgot to pack my socks. I only have so many pair of socks in my house and half of them must have been eaten by my dryer. So, I had to wear my socks two LONG days in a row. Yes, I know, that is too much information... but it gets better.

So, I am a little self conscious of the fact that I'm wearing dirty socks. I sit down to take blood pressures and I get a whiff of something. I asked my friend if she had some body spray and she did. I went to the bathroom, sprayed the shoe/sock area of my body, then returned to work.

I sat back down only to smell the perfume along with a bad odor. We started to get busy. I was sitting next to a co-worker and decided that if I put my feet under the table and far away from him, no one would be the wiser.

After a few hours of dealing with my stinky feet, I realize that this is out of control. I mean, I have some old socks on but please! I thought, that is a horrible smell. I turned over my shoe only to find dog doodie on the bottom. Whew! Only dog crap, good. It wasn't me.

I proceeded to excuse myself and go to the ladies room where I thoroughly cleaned my shoe. I came back to my station and voila, the smell was gone.