Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jeff vs. Netflix... Who would win??

My dad was a happy go lucky, laid back, easy going kind of guy. His nickname was "Smiley" because he always seemed to have a big smile on his face. He served in the Air Force for 20 years and never made it to a high rank because he was pretty content where he was. I would have to say he was an Omega Male. This terminology doesn't really exist, but there you have it.

They say that girls want to marry a man like their father. I guess I'm the exception to that rule. I think I wanted to marry the opposite of my dad. My husband is extremely competitive. He will compete with me at any game (even though he's the only one competing). He works hard day in and day out. He is always at the top of his class, was close to my dad's rank when he left the Navy after only 4 years, and excels and anything he does. He is the alpha male... he is not an alpha male... he is the alpha male.

We decided to get Netflix. Netflix is a fun way of renting movies because you choose a plan where you can have x amount of movies at a time and you are able to watch the movies when you want and return them when you want. Jeff decided to do the math. He's an engineer, so everything we do somehow merits the need for him to pull out his massive graphing calculator. Anyhoo, he figured that if we watched the movie the day we got it and put it in the mail the next day, it would only cost blah blah amount per movie if we got the blah blah amount per month plan. "Sure," I said, "that plan sounds good to me." So that's what we did.

To give you a little insight into my life, you must read previous posts. Not that anyone I know has an easygoing stress-free life, but I just want to say that I barely have time to shower, much less watch a movie. No, seriously, I don't have time to shower.

Now, if I get a movie that Jeff doesn't want to watch with me...which happens on a regular basis, then Jeff will attempt to schedule my movie(s) arriving when he is on a business trip. I say attempt because that would entail me watching the movies when I receive them and returning them the next day. I, in my non-competitive nature, do not care to beat the Netflix 'system'. I watch movies when I have time. I got Netflix because of the luxury of not having late fees, watching them at my leisure, etc.

If I do not watch the movie that I want to see in what Jeff deems sufficient time, my movie (unwatched, mind you) will go back into the mail. This is the kind of thing that helps my husband have peace of mind. This is the kind of thing that stresses me out.

To all those who love math, engineering, or even have a competitive nature, can you please tell me if this makes sense?


Jill said...

My husband is the SAME WAY. We can owe it to them being engineers. We did netflix before and we felt the same inclination to watch the movie asap and then return it to get the most out of the money we spent - comparable to the whole dinner buffet scenario, have to get your "money's worth". Let me know how it goes.

Wayne said...

In the end it doesn't matter how fast you return it anyways. Netflix realized that they couldn't profit when people tried to beat the system by returning the movies quickly and maximizing their rentals so they have in their user agreement that they will slow down how quickly they ship out your next movie if you consistently return your movies ASAP. Fauna and I did a month trial of the Blockbuster online thing and weren't able to get half the movies we wanted because they put the brakes on us. You can't blame him for wanting to beat the system...who wants to sit back and let the fat cats get fatter when you can get tons of movies for your money.

Michelle said...

Too funny! That's how I am about McWane Center. We've gone so many times now that the boys groan when I suggest it. Maybe you should try the $1 New Release vending machine. Our Publix has one-all the good movies for a buck a day-Yay!!

Kim said...

I love math. And I'm even an anal, Type A personality. But when it comes to my leisure time, I hope I know how to relax about that. I'm not guaranteeing it, though.

Laura said...

How funny. Does kinda defeat the purposeof why you got netflix huh? Can't you copy them?

glittersmama said...

Where did Ditka go?

What if the hurricane was named Hurricane Ditka?