Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Signs I'm Getting Older

I recently went on a trip for work to Kentucky and Indiana. On the way, I realized that I am not the youngest person in the room anymore. It is a tough transition from being young and vibrant to being the woman who talks about breast milk and diapers.

I got in the car, which was pre-warmed so I wouldn't be cold, and cranked up my music... which for once was not the Wiggles. In my pensive face (see previous post), I began to think about the following things:

1. The loud music was too loud thus I progressively turned it down throughout my drive.
2. The loud "music" was NPR and John Mayer.
3. I had the car completely packed the night before so I wouldn't forget anything in my sleepy stupor.
4. The seat heater in my car not only warms me, but comforts my achy muscles.
5. 5 miles over the speed limit would get me there fast enough. No need to raise my insurance premiums by getting a ticket!
6. Sensible shoes are underrated.


Jane Schell said...

Melody... getting older is definitely underrated. We are getting better as we age...our society gives us no credit for the wisdom and experience that age imparts. Plus you still look young and vibrant! I feel like the 30's are great, and according to many life begins at 40. Hmmmm, only time will tell.

Laura said...

I personally LOVE the line from the movie Fried Green Tomatos "I am older and I have more insurance than you" or something along those lines after the lady hits the young pretty thing's car after she gets insulted. I know understand after I Have been insulted and or looked up and down for not being "in style"/skinny/ etc.
I am identify with the achy muscles, cold car, etc. etc. AND I have been WAY ahead of though in the area of the sensible shoes. I think I about 50 years old at heart when it comes to that. ;) I am wearing SAS and Rockford all the way baby!!!!

Kim said...

My most recent sign that I'm getting older: Complaining that I can't sit comfortably in the bleachers for Kayla's school holiday concert. My back just can't take it. And yay me! It's a snow day, so the concert's gonna be canceled. I don't care if I'm a rotten mother. That is the worst school function of the year!

P.S. (ryc) Yes, Eric and I had only been married for two or three weeks when last we saw you.

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