Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Little Comedian

Maya has found that different things make people laugh. She doesn't always know why, but she knows how. We watched the movie "Robots". She heard them say, "What the heck?" She started repeating it and I soon corrected her. I said, "It's not good to say "heck" Maya." So now she says, "What the --" and leaves the end of the sentence blank. She said, "Mommy, people laugh when you say, 'What the--'. So, she repeats this phrase at various times around various folks. She always gets a laugh.

As you could see in the older posts, Maya uses the word "poop" a lot. She throws that word around to get laughs. She now replaces words in songs with "poop". For example, her latest ballad to Reili is "Twinkle, twinkle little poop!" She also has nicknamed Reili "Smoochy Poopy".

It is so hard not to laugh sometimes. I want to keep a straight face but I usually can't and only end up encouraging her. Maybe deep down I'm supporting her comedic talents, right?


Kim said...

I would laugh. I always laugh.

P.S. I recently learned that we can get Skybus flights from my state to yours for fares as low as $35! That's affordable enough to make a weekend out of. (That is if Eric and I can get our finances under control at some point here.)

Laura said...

I would probably laugh too. Just as long as you let her know what is hurtful/hateful maybe? You do want little Miss Maya to be Miss Maya!!! If she is a comic she is a comic ya know!!!! ;)