Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Random Thoughts

Inspired by my friend, glittersmama, I thought I would share some of the random thoughts I've had of late...
1. Maya is still potty-tarded. I have now resorted to telling her that "When you turn three, you will get to wear underwear!" in hopes that she will somehow be convinced that one must stop wearing diapers on his/her third birthday.
2. I am no longer the youngest kid in the room. I now talk about my body in terms of changes in metabolism since I've turned 30 and the horrible effects of gravity.
3. I used to laugh at the amount of time/money/false hopes that my mom would put into various creams to get rid of wrinkles. I now own at least 2 eye creams and a various assortment of facial creams. Who am I fooling?
4. I can't do it all. Anyone who can, in my opinion, is weird or will die at a young age from exhaustion.
5. I would rather be in the nerdy club than the cool club. (Melinda, don't you agree?)


Jill said...

Yes, something changes when we turn 30...we're not in our 20s anymore!

*sniff sniff*

But we still can have fun, right?

glittersmama said...

"I can't do it all." In your 30s, you just quit trying. Bare minimums to keep you and your family happy. That's all.

Nerdy kids are the new cool kids. :)