Friday, August 15, 2008

Alabama - home again.

I grew up in a tiny little town in northeast Alabama. I was a certifiable nerd and my mom was also foreign which made me a bit of an outcast. I didn't understand the people in my town. I didn't relate to my relatives, including my own dad. I left the first chance I got when I was 16. I spent 10 years in a town that I felt was some sort of prison sentence.

I just came back from a trip to Piedmont. Now, 15 years later, I actually kind of miss the place. I miss some of my old friends, my old neighborhood, and even that quaint small town life. Now that I'm in the North, I actually miss my hometown.

Here are a few things that I miss about Alabama:

The sight of Kudzu.

Really good Barbecue.

Red Clay.

..and the fishing *.
*note- the guy on the right was my childhood friend from Piedmont.


Marita said...

Enjoy your trip. Saludos to your family.

nicole said...

I know what you mean... I just got back from a trip to my childhood home in Seattle, and it brought back all sorts of mixed emotions. It's amazing how the memories came flooding back when I was driving around my old home town.

Kim said...

It's funny how distance makes the heart grow fonder. God must have blessed us in a special way when He made our memories to remember the good things and forget the bad.

Lori said...

It has been fun catching up with you. You are such a great writer. Your children are adorable! Next time you come to Alabama, we should get together.

Laura said...

DREAMLAND!!! YUMMMYYYYY. I am lucky to have discovered there is one over in Mobile. There really isn't much BBQ here in the Panhandle of Florida. Also, no kudzu. Weird huh? Have you found that the green of the kudzu and such is so green it almost hurts your eyes? I go home obviously more than you get too, but everytime I do I love it. I am amazed by the hills. The land is so flat here.

Evonne said...

Oh, I was right there with you all the way up to the red clay. I still hate the red clay and that's all we have in our yard here in Georgia.

I'm glad you had a nice trip home though!

brookeym said...

Did they noodle for those fish?