Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Magical Elf.

Maya believes she is part elf.  I think this comes from countless viewings of the movie, Elf.  She also believes she has "magical powers".  I asked her what made her believe she is part elf.  She said it is because she has pointy ears and can have "burp ups".  (See previous post)  You may not have noticed her ears... well, me neither.  I'd say they are marginally or even remotely pointy.  Burp ups?  Well, this is a term Maya has coined referring to her hiccups.  She kinda makes a burping noise when she has them.  According to her, these are things that constitute magic. 

The other night, Maya asked for something to drink at bedtime.  She knows she cannot have anything with sugar after she brushes her teeth.  I offered her a glass of water instead of the chocolate milk she requested.  She was hesitant but I reminded her the importance of drinking water.  "You should really drink about 8 of these a day,"  I said pointing to her small cup.  She said, "I will drink eight sips, Mommy."  I figured it was better than nothing.  She proceeded to take small sips.  I said, "Don't you feel better when you have water to drink?"  She said, "Eight sips of water will give me magical powers.  I'm part elf, you know."  She likes to tell me this insider information each time she does something cool which she thinks is somehow related to her super powers.

"What magic am I doing now?" she said.  She was watching a video in a dark room when she asked.  I said, "You are glowing."   I meant that as if the water made her skin look good.  She said, "That's not magic, Mommy.  That's just the TV."

Silly me.


Katy said...

i love that!! congratulations on your new house, too. i'm so glad things are going good for you guys.

tessa said...

They'll always put you in your place won't they?

Brent said...

I think she's right (on all accounts)