Saturday, July 19, 2008

Traveling and getting paid.

One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel. This past week I got to go to Mesa, Arizona for work. I was excited because I got to go out there earlier in the year and I saw two friends of mine, Tessa and Kathy. Well, Tessa and Kathy were both out of town this time around, so I was completely on my own. I like to travel, but it so much better with someone or visiting someone.

I usually never get room service, but I did this time. I thought it would be boring and weird to eat out alone. It was fun because it was brought on a tray, so I could eat my dinner, watch TV, and lay in bed all at the same time. Ah, utter laziness.

I had to work, so not much time was spent lounging around, but I did get to hit the pool in 110 degree weather. After 30 minutes, I came back in. I had a nice tan. It was like a microwave on my skin.

Arizona is super cool. I love it. The part I didn't love was a 5 hour flight sitting next to some intoxicated folks, one who apparently had a lot of fiber earlier in the day, AND I had the aisle seat... did I mention this was a red eye flight? Yes, during prime sleeping time I was wide awake and uncomfortable. I should've upgraded. I've never sat in business class, but you can upgrade for $49 on AirTran. I think it would've been worth it. Have you flown first class? Was it worth it?


Kim said...

You're so adventurous. I personally would pick a job that didn't mean I had to travel by myself. That doesn't sound like all that much fun to me at all.

Jill said...

I've never flown first class - but I wish I would have on our way to and from Taiwan, that was the most uncomfortable flight I've ever been on!

Tom and Jane Schell said...

I always think a flight without kids is paradise...especially after the most recent trip to NC with the three of them all by myself. However, your red eye flight doesn't sound fun either. I would love to travel sounds fun. I have never flown first class or even business class, but I did learn from my last trip that when flying with 3 children it really is worth paying more to get a direct flight and a good flight time.

glittersmama said...

My sisters live near there. They totally could have taken care of you!

I've been bumped up to first class on two different occasions. LOVED it.

Giant seats with lots of leg room. When everyone else was getting pretzels and peanuts, we got chicken sandwiches and as much to drink as we wanted. Not worth the hugantic price tag, but definitely more enjoyable.

Sidenote: I'm taking a red eye with Glitter from Seattle to Atlanta. We're doing a Benadryl trial this week.

Laura said...

1st class is totally the way to go. I have become a Medallion member with Delta from flying so much when I worked in is SO hard to slum in coach anymore. It is SO worth the money on long flights. Glad you had a good trip once you got there...I LOVED AZ when I worked out there. It is a very HOT time to be out there.