Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All Aboard the Fart Express! (patent pending)

All moms have struggled with their baby having gas, colic, indigestion... you name it. Now, we have put an end to the old techniques: the old pump and putter, the manual cheese squeeze, and various colic remedies.

Introducing the Fart Express tm.

1) Just place your baby into the seat with feet elevated.
2) Turn on swing.
3) Listen to the thunder clap!

The baby's position along with the centrifugal force expels the gas at light speed!

Your baby will soon stop crying, feel relief, and fall fast asleep!


Tessa said...

Did it really work or were you just being silly? I'll add it to the repetoire if you say it did:)

Melody said...

It works!

Kim said...

Hilarious and adorable. I wish I had known that when Kayla was screaming every evening 7 years ago. I will say that, legs up or not, the swing was the only thing that made her feel better.

Jill said...

Hi Melody--what a fun blog! I'm Jill, in your current ward. Your daughters are SO cute!!! How is the labor recovery going?