Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guess Who?

Children in the same family often look alike. I find it interesting how much these two actually do.

Is it Maya or Reili? You decide. (answers coming soon)






glittersmama said...

A. Maya
B. Reili
C. Reili (kind of cheating since I can't see her face--in case I'm wrong)
D. Maya

Laura said...

A. Maya
B. Reili
C. Reili???
D. Maya

I had the thoughts in my head before I saw glittersmamas answers...I am interested to see the answers as she and I guessed the same!

Jane Schell said...

A.Definitely Maya
B.Definitely Reili
C.Could be either, but I vote Maya
D.Definitely Maya

They look like sisters, but there is something just enough different about them for sure.

Kim said...

Not seeing your girls on a regular basis, I had a much harder time with this one. I was quite sure that B was Reili and I figured that D was Maya. But I didn't know any of them for sure.