Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Is this girl gorgeous or what? Sometimes, when she is asleep, I look at her and admire her utter radiance. How did I help create such a wondrous being? I think those thoughts are fleeting when she is awake.

I have lately felt that she is a bit of an energy vampire, sucking me dry of what little caffeine-infused life I have left. I love her dearly and often reminisce of the days when I viewed her as an angel sent from Heaven. I thought she could do no wrong and everyone else's child couldn't even compare (no offense to my dear friends). But those days of self righteousness are long gone. I have been truly humbled. Maybe it is a lesson that the Lord wanted me to learn. Apparently He feels I haven't learned it well enough yet.

Today, as Jeff had to physically remove her from our church meeting so that others could hear the speaker and not Maya's screaming, I realized that she is only two and this too shall pass. I then looked down at my angelic two month old and said a little prayer to Heavenly Father. I mentioned to him that I think I got know...the life lesson he is trying to teach me...I just pray I don't have to learn it twice.


Kim said...

Oh, Melody. I feel your pain. Being a parent had turned out to be more difficult than I ever imagined that it would be. Parenting KB is a challenge nearly each and every day. Imagine what the teen years will be like?

glittersmama said...

Energy vampire. Such a good description. Maya is such a beautiful girl. She'll return to her sweet self. Until then, whenever you need a break, just call me.