Friday, October 26, 2007

The Body of a Mom

When is it that we are finally what we strive to be? I wannabe healthy, fit, patient, wise, wealthy, righteous, and so on. I constantly read self help books in order to help myself, but I actually feel kind of lazy reading and not doing. Do you know what I mean?

Right now, I want to lose weight and get in shape. I start out each morning eating really healthy... maybe too healthy. Around lunch time, I get REALLY hungry. I mean breast feeding mommy hungry. I eat what I make and then whatever Maya doesn't eat. So, there goes the diet for the day. The answer to losing weight is a combination of eating healthy and exercising. We all know this but few of us actually do it well. I feel that I am eating healthy but when 4 servings turn into one, it doesn't really count now does it?

I really did exercise for a few weeks there... ugh, this is so tough. "I'll start Monday, " I often think to myself. I kind of wish I had been extremely obese so that I would have a rack full of stretchy pants to fit into right now. I do fit in my old clothes now, but it's not a pretty sight. I fit in my pants only after doing squats for half an hour and fit in my shirts after stretching out the booby part.

Ah, motherhood. It's worth the stretch marks, nursing boobs, tormented self image... it is all worth it, I promise.


Tessa said...

You know I have childless friends whose bodies look an awful lot like mine and they don't even have the adorable kids to show for it:) At least we have the supreme excuse and we don't have to blame it on getting older:)

Kim said...

I just hated those first few post-baby months. I wanted to fit into my own clothes, but nothing fit comfortably. Plus, I think I was touched a bit by the baby blues. My mom did the nicest thing for me; I will have to remember to do the same for KB some day. She took me out and bought me about three nice outfits that fit me, that looked nice, that I was comfortable in. I never would have gone out and spent the money on myself knowing that they would only fit me for such a short time. But she bought them for me. What a great mom!

Laura said...

Thank goodness you have the kids to show for it- I am one of the kidless friends named in tessa's post ;) BTW I think you look great from all of your pictures. Really I do.