Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Baby Blues

"The Baby Blues" is the phrase used to describe sadness after a woman has a baby. It is a pleasant term, almost a euphemism, for the roller coaster of emotions that immediately follows birth. Basically, a ton of hormones leave your body once the baby is born. On top of the huge dip in the hormone level is the lack of sleep, body image issues, pain, and fear that you will somehow screw this child up, permanently.

I feel that my blues are finally coming to an end. It is a good feeling to finally get some sleep, fit into regular clothes instead of maternity clothes, and not have to take ibuprofen on a daily basis. As far as the fear of screwing up my children goes... that will always be with me.


Mikelle said...

I'm impressed and jealous if you are already back in your regular clothes!!

Kim said...

If you are fitting back into regular clothes, you are doing well. That took me months!