Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ikea Rocks!

Ikea is a wonderful, magical store. I have been raving about Ikea ever since we got one in Atlanta. It is a home goods store that originated in Europe. The design is sleek, tasteful, and simple and the prices are amazingly cheap. As a professional bargain shopper, I feel that Ikea is a paradise for those like me.

Jeff had a class he had to take for his job. It was in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. He asked if his family could go with him since he would be driving. They said, sure. On the way home from the business trip, I asked Jeff if we could go to Ikea. He had never been. He even suggested staying in the car with the girls so I could shop. I said, "Oh, no. Ikea is not like Target or Wal-Mart. It is huge. There is a playland, a cafe, a restaurant and three stories of products. It will take us hours to go through it!" Of course, like any husband would, he cringed knowing he would be shopping for hours.

Well, I converted Jeff. He loved the store, he loved the prices and he loved me for finding a table with four chairs (marked down from $120 b/c it was a floor model) to $70!!! Nice. Ikea rocks!


glittersmama said...

I hope you enjoy your new table!

Fauna said...

Nice! Good to hear there are more fans out there.

Laura said...

I LOVE IKEA!!!!! I only lament the fact I now live 5 hours away from one. I get Christmas presents from my sister from Ikea all the time!