Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Mental Status, Part 2

Maya is going through the terrible twos, she has a new sister, and we have recently moved to another state. I would say that she is having a bit of a difficult time.

At the end of my pregnancy, I ached too much to be sociable or go outside to play with Maya or do anything of the sort. Poor Maya was cooped up inside with me with only the occasional trip to the library to get more DVDs and books for her. She got really comfortable hanging around inside and would often get hot and take off her pants and just walk around in a shirt and a diaper. I figured there was no harm in it because we were in our house and no one would see her. I just told her that she had to wear her pants/shorts whenever she went outside. Whenever she would come home from somewhere, she got to the point where she would immediately take off her shoes and then her pants. She thought that was just what you did when you got home.

I have almost given up on potty training her right now also. She has gotten to the point where she will pee or poop in her diaper, take her diaper off, and then tell me about what she did. I told her many times that this is just not what we do. This is probably one of those times I tell her that she is going to drive me crazy.

I didn't mean to make Maya socially retarded because of my semi-hermit status in late pregnancy. I figured she would bounce back and be the normal, sweet kid she once was after I had the baby.

So, yesterday the neighbors' boys asked if Maya could go outside and play. The boys are 3 and 6. I love that Maya has some friends to play with. Maya went out and played for hours with them. She played on their swing set and ran around with them. At one point, I heard a knock on the back door. It was Maya. She was standing there in a t-shirt....only a t-shirt. I rushed her inside and went next door. I found her shoes, shorts and diaper lying in a pile near the swing set. I apologized to the boys for the odd display.

After Jeff scolded her and we discussed the importance of clothes, we made Maya apologize to the boys. The older one didn't seem to care but the younger one looked like he was still in shock. Maya said, "I'm sorry, Jayden." Jayden just kept staring at her. Maya then said, "I said sorry Jayden. You say, it's okay." Well, Jayden didn't say it was okay. I don't think he wanted to talk at all. She gave him a lollipop and they were friends again.


Laura said...

well, first I have to laugh- poor Jayden. ;) At least Maya gave him a lollipop! THEN sit down at your NEW Ikea table and smell the new smell! Once again I have absolutly no ideas on how to help with potty training. My sister would dance like a fool everytime my nephew would go in the potty. ?? I am not really helping huh? Good luck once again. Get it all figured out for me huh? Before I have kids? That is why I am going to be last one of my friends to have any. HA HA.

Tessa said...

Love it. We've been there too. May I recommend hard to unfasten overalls. (They don't help with potty training though.:)