Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Rebel with an Unknown Cause

Maya is in the midst of the terrible twos. I don't know how to handle it. I never raised my voice to her until this age. I never had to punish her. I never wanted to give her away to the first person who would take her. She is too smart and thus she is mischevious. Look at this face.
I'm up at 1am right now just so I can take a shower and have some "me" time. Do I sound like I'm going crazy? I'm not going crazy. I'm fine. Being a mom is a cinch. No, really.


Kim said...

Do you think it's the terrible twos? Or a little case of baby jealousy? Maybe she's acting out because she's still trying to figure out how she fits into your new family dynamics? In any case, I can relate. KB was an absolute angel until she started walking. Then look out!

Laura said...

yeowch. I have to agree with kim...um, not that I have any kids or anything. I think Miss Maya has a double whammy. Terrible twos AND baby jealously. Trying to figure out the her new place in life. Sorry to say I have NO words of wisdom for you as I have no experience in the matter. I just wish you good luck...and sanity.

Liesl said...

Cordelia is showing attitude, too - so while jealousy may play a part, I think Maya is letting you know that she "CAN DO IT MY BY MYSELF!" Hang in there!