Monday, September 10, 2007

Maya's Potty Mouth

Jeff served in the US Navy when we got married. Living a sailor's life is hard and thus the language reflects it also. Jeff had to change a lot about the way he talked when we got married. He is working even harder to clean up his act since we had kids. He tends to replace curse words with some harsh slang words. You will often hear him saying "dadgummit", "Judas Priest", and various others. Maya watches Jeff like a hawk. If he says the word, "stupid", she makes him to stand in time out.

We have noticed that Maya is picking up some of the things Jeff says nonetheless. Reili was crying and Maya said to her, "Take a chill pill, Reili!" We told her it was not nice to say that to her sister and Jeff made a mental note not to say that phrase again.

Sometimes we laugh on the inside and try not to make a big deal when Maya says some of the things she does. We realized that if you make it a big deal then she will just repeat it over and over.

One morning while eating her cereal, she said, "Daddy, this is my freggin' spoon."
Jeff replied, "No, I think that is your yellow spoon."
She hasn't said it since.


glittersmama said...

Good comeback Jeff! I'll have to remember that freggin'=yellow.

Mikelle said...

That is so funny!! Kids really do pick up on everything!

Kim said...

KB has had very little exposure to swearing, so whenever she does hear it, she picks it up. We never know that she has said it until she decides to use it with gusto. Like playing Foosball, when she says, "He's gonna beat your *ss!" Or calling her cousin a smart*ss when they're playing together at the picnic table.