Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life as we know it.

It has been tough having two kids under the age of three. Everyone keeps telling me "it will get easier." I try to believe them, but it is hard. I see why many couples stop at one or two kids. I got a taste of having three kids this week. Jeff was immobile and on he had diarrhea of the mouth (much like a small child). I found myself running between Reili, Maya, and Jeff. It was hard. I worked for four hours just to get the dishes washed! I mean, there were a lot of dishes, but not that many. I would change Maya's diaper, feed Reili, and then take Jeff his medicine and ice packs. I did manage to start exercising nonetheless.

I have two months to prep for this half marathon. I'm hoping it will also help me lose those last *ahem* few pounds. This is one of the only times I wish I was rich. I wish I had a personal trainer and a personal chef. I hear celebrities can lose the baby weight in 1-2 months with that cool trick.

Yesterday, my friend Crystal came to visit me. She and her husband, Jed, moved to KY and passed through here on their way to Niagara Falls. It was fun to see her and her family and to hear her say that that she struggles, just like me. She has kids roughly the same age as my kids. Her youngest is about 3 months older than Maya. She told me it really does get easier. Crystal is one of the kindest, happiest people I know. I can't imagine her getting stressed or feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, but she said she was at first. Now she feels she's getting the hang of things and is even thinking about having more kids.

Today has been nice, though. Reili is angelic (as usual), Jeff is feeling better and moving around a bit more, and Maya has a cold. Colds always seem to humble her. I've been hugging her so much because I feel like the demon that was possessing her has been exorcised. My sweet Maya is back. I guiltily wish she were sick more often.

She said that she wanted some "LMNOs". I didn't realize what she was talking about. There is this cool video, one of the few children's videos I can tolerate, by They Might Be Giants. It's called "Here Come the ABCs." There is a song about "LMNO" and how it's four letters, not one word. Maya was talking about M&Ms instead. I thought that was awfully cute.


glittersmama said...

Maya is a cutie! Hopefully the insanity will calm down soon. Bring Maya over any time.

Tessa said...

motherhood is better than anything else at keeping one humble i think. it gets us all down sometimes but i know you're doing it well:)

Kim said...

I love They Might Be Giants. Unfortunately, Eric is not so enamored with them.

Jane Schell said...

Tom was sick on Friday, so I had "four" kids for a day. I felt like I was going to go "berserk" that day too, so I can relate. Luckily most the time I only have 3 kids and a husband who helps, so that keeps it manageable (for the most part). Hang in there Melody...there will be payoffs eventually.

Kim said...

ryc: That's right here in New Hampshire -- only about 30 minutes from our house. It's so fun and the best part is that it's all free!

Heather Tewalt said...

If it makes you feel any better, I know just how you feel. Michael has been gone for a week, so I too have had the 3 year old and the 7-week old. Not as much fun as one might imagine. I felt bad this week because I got truly angry at Sallie for the first time. I was trying to clean Sawyer's poop off the floor (don't ask), he was crying, and Sallie was in the tub upstairs. I heard her turn the water back on & I yelled up to her to turn it off. She yelled back, "what...turn it on." Thinking she really didn't understand me & was not being a smartmouth, I yelled it again. Same response. I must have yelled up at her 5 more times with no change (her hearing is fine by the way). I was so angry at her. Now I pray every night that I won't put her in a box at the grocery store that says free to good home.
Funny LMNOP story. I know most kids think it is one word, and Sallie did at one point. But how many kids think it's "Elmo has to pee."
Love you all and miss you, Heather